Choosing Right Trike For Special Needs

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One of the earliest fun accessory that every child can relate to is a tricycle. There is hardly any kid around that would not think of getting a bike for an evening out in the street with the rest of the friends. Having a bike of any kind is a matter of style and fun in the early years. The early choice of the bicycles starts with the tricycle that gradually becomes sophisticated with the passing time and the increasing level of proficiency.

This urge of having a bike along with the love of the same is equally there among the kids with special needs. There are specialized adaptive bikes meant for these special kids. It gives them a chance to stay physically active and interact with the kids around them in a normal manner. Pedalling the bike boosts their morale and gives them the courage to fight the deficiency.

It is very important to get the adaptive bike or the trikes for special needs very carefully as you are buying them for someone who is special by all means. Here are some key points to ponder while out in market to buy one for your special kid.

  1. Guide bar and steer

Although these are additional accessories in many bikes but their presence can actually make a difference in the overall ride of the bike. The guide bar and steer give the caregiver an opportunity to navigate the rider safely. It becomes easy to assist the child especially when the kid has just started learning to ride a bike.

  1. Head support

While riding the bike it is essential to keep the head I upright position. It can happen only when the head support is there. If the rider in the seat has problem with the balance the head support can be used to handle the problem quite well. The top bands give a good choice of adjustable head supports that can be altered according to the needs of the rider.

  1. Handlebars

Usually there are two types of handlebars namely wide and U shaped. The kids with special needs feel at ease with the latter as it is easy to adjust the hands in this type. It gives them better control especially when the kids have physical weaknesses of any kind.

  1. Laterals

In order to cater the physical deficiencies in the special kids a special addition is a must in the trikes meant for them. This special addition is called laterals and is meant for giving extra support to chest and trunk part of the body. This allows them to stay them in upright position. It works together with the back support for a better posture.

  1. Automated controls and conversions

If your kid finds it hard to move in a natural way, it is highly recommended to get the bicycle with the automatic functions especially those associated with the gear change, power assist and reciprocation. As all these functions occur automatically therefore the kid feels confident while riding the bike in an independent way. Check this website to find out more details.