Football Equipment

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Football is a prevalent sport, and knows no age restriction. Players can vary, as can the crowd—all of those with the same glimmer in their eyes, as they enliven their favoured team. Football may be tactful, but equally vigorous. 1 ball, and 32 people—11 on each side. Strikers, defenders and the legendary goalie. There are no such restrictions for the players to stand in a particular position in the field; they are allowed to stand anywhere. They are allowed to use any part of their body to stop or fetch the ball while tackling, but it is not allowed for them to hold the ball, the player has to keep bouncing the ball just like basketball, if he holds the ball it is considered as a foul. Moreover, the player can also kick the ball, throwing it is not allowed according to the rules which are also considered to be a foul. The player has to tackle and fetch the ball from the opponent, he can run with the ball but only if he continues to touch or bounce the ball with the field and the opponent will have to tackle him with his body or fetch the ball using their hands but this also applies some rules and it has to be done within some limits prescribed the Australian Football rules.  Football is quite a lengthy game, although persistently vivacious. The game goes on for about 90 minutes, with merely one break in between after 45 hours—also known as the first half.

With every game, comes their corresponding tools and equipment. Like with cricket, it is mandatory to have a bat and a ball, perhaps gloves and the jerseys. Similarly, with football, it has its relevant equipment to go along with. For example; the helmet, collar/neck roll, jockstrap, mouth guard, pads for your ligaments, and of course gloves. All of which play a vital role in the protection of the player.

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